Learn all about the platform

Setting Up Your Content Catalyst Subscriber Portal

Start here! Everything you need to know about how to launch, configure and design your subscriber portal

Site Authentication & User Registration

Configure access to your portal, and set up user registration and authentication methods

Account & User Management

Create, configure, and securely manage all your users and accounts

Licensing & Access Management

Manage access to your content with flexible licensing and extensive access management settings

Organise, Categorise, and Link Content

Categorise all content, split individual research reports, link reports into series and design category assets

Create & Deliver Content and Data

Create content in every format compatible with the Content Catalyst platform

Operations & Administration support

Vital information on domain configuration, email deliverability, search setup and Content Catalyst policies and notices

Site Extensions & Integrations

Connect Content Catalyst with your other business-critical systems for a seamless experience and increased productivity

Tracking & Analytics of Subscriber Use

Improve content delivery and analyse for new business opportunities with subscriber use tracking and analytics

Sales & Marketing

Understand how to maximise the commercial impact of your Content Catalyst portal

Content Discovery

Learn how end-users navigate your portal and find the information they need

End-User Actions

How subscribers interact with your content, collaborate with others and manage their profiles