Report Metadata

Adding report metadata

Singular report

When creating a new report in Admin (via Admin > Reports > Add new report > Add new report) you will be prompted to supply the report code (unique report identifier) to continue.

image 42

Once done, you will be able to enter the report’s metadata (keywords/phrases, description, price, etc.).

image 40 (1)

Multiple reports

You can also populate the metadata this task in bulk via our Bulk Import tool by clicking on Admin > Reports > Related Actions > Bulk Import products.

image 44 (2)

Once uploaded, you will be able to review and edit before finalising the completed template import.

Existing report

You can navigate to an existing report and edit the metadata at wish from the Reports tab in Admin. Simply click on the report’s name to access the metadata and click on the pen icon to edit the relevant section as shown below.


image 45

After importing the metadata, you can view how to import content here