User Registration

First Time Log-in

When a user first logs in to your subscriber portal, they will be asked to complete a few steps to complete their registration

The very first time a user tries to log in there are a few additional steps. These are necessary to complete their profile and allow them to use the site's full functionality.

🔔 The steps vary depending on how a user has been created.

Self-registered users

If there is an account open for registration, users will be able to register themselves into the site. They will be required to fill in their contact details, including an email and password that they will use when logging in.

Email verification

After successfully filling in their details they will be asked to check their email. It will be sent to their specified email address, which will include a verification link. This step is necessary to verify the email address of the user, and cannot be skipped. However, it can be requested a second time, and a new link will be sent.

Security Question

After completing the email verification step, users will be directed to a security question screen. This step is optional but will be shown every time the user logs in until the security questions and answers are completed.

After completing these steps, the user is fully logged in and ready to browse. 

Users created by admins

There are a few options to create new users by admin users (Add new user option within an account, bulk user import, or API).

The first of these is outlined below:

Go to Admin > Accounts > select an account >Select Users tab > Add new user

When creating a new user in admin UI, there is an option to send them a temporary password.

Group 2 (10)


These users will receive a Login details email, providing them with a username, chosen by admin, and a temporary password needed to log in for the first time.

After using these log-in details on the usual Log-in form, users will be prompted to Change password screen.

First Time log in 2 (1)

At this point, users must set a new password for their newly created accounts. They will need their username and old password (sent in the Login details email). After this, users will already be logged in and will be prompted to the Security Question page described above.

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