Restrict Export Formats

Restrict Content Formats Users can Download

You can easily restrict what content users can and can’t download or export.

Read this article to understand how to:

  • Manage exports
  • Manage downloads


Exports generated by the site are managed at a user level.  This includes:

  • Full report downloads (Microsoft Word)
  • Full report downloads (PDF - in cases with no print copy uploaded only)
  • Report figure downloads (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Report table downloads (Microsoft Excel)
  • Content saved to clippings (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel as well as PDF)
  • Content selected from the search results page (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel as well as PDF)
  • DataViewer downloads (Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel)

1. To manage this go to Admin > Accounts > Global Preferences > Download Options > Enabled report export file types.

restrict_content_formats_12. This can be edited at a global, account or user level using the drop-down boxes at the top of the page and respective edit columns.



🚨 Users will inherit account level setting if no user setting is applied. Accounts will inherit global level settings if no account setting is applied.


Downloads of files uploaded to the site are managed when adding report licenses. This includes:

  • Full report downloads uploaded to the print copies area of the site (PDF) 

🚨 Be aware that if a report’s main content is a PDF file and the license set to restrict pdf download, the user will not be able to access the main content of that report.

  • Any attachments uploaded to supplement the main report content

1. When adding a license, simply enter file extensions permitted for download in the box shown below:


2. This can only be configured when adding the license and not when editing it. Discover more information on how to add individual report licenses.  

🔔 By default, this field is set to “*” meaning all file types are permitted for download.