Single Sign On (SSO)

SSO is a great way of streamlining user journeys as subscribers move between your sites

Your site can support hosting user authentication elsewhere to provide users with a seamless experience between different sites (usually navigating to your subscriber portal from your marketing site).

This means users only need one set of login credentials to remember and do not need to re-enter their details when moving between sites.  

This type of SSO is suitable when you want to use our bespoke APIs to create or integrate your own login system and you can then choose what forms of SSO to offer your customer. 

🚨 If your customer wants to control their own authentication, and they want secure seamless access to services across a range of providers, our OAuth-based Enterprise SSO with Okta or Azure AD will be more suitable.

Single Sign On (SSO) 1

Single Sign On

You can view the full SSO documentation in the integration page of your site via Admin > HTTP API and Integration Documentation.

sso 2

As part of the process, you will need to contact Content Catalyst as we will generate and provide you with a secret key/password. 

🔔 Once you set this up, the login form can either be hidden or re-direct to whichever URL your authentication form is on.