Interactive Docs

Adding Exhibits into Reports

It is possible to add your Dataviewer exhibits into an Interactive Word report and Briefings quickly and easily.

Adding your new data view to a report

1. Go to Admin > Content >  Reports.

2. Select the desired report and click the Content tab.


image 10 (2)


3. Select the chapter you wish to add your exhibit to, by selecting the title. 

4. Click on the section you would like to add the exhibit to and select the Embed an exhibit icon on the top toolbar. 


Group 10 (2)


5. Select the required saved exhibit from the drop-down box.

6. Click OK.

7. Save and Close the chapter editor.

Interacting with a Dataviewer Exhibit from a Report

You will need to license the data set to the user before they can interact. Steps on how to do this can be found here.  

1. Find the exhibit within the report and hover over the ... icon to expand the options.

2. Click the Interact icon.

exhibit 3

🔔 From here your users are free to edit the data selection, chart type and display options. They can then export your exhibit to PowerPoint, save it to their library or add it to clippings.