Creating & Managing Licenses

Add Chapter Level Licenses

Learn how to license individual chapters as opposed to entire reports.

If you wish to offer your customers more flexibility when purchasing research, you can license individual chapters as opposed to entire reports only. You can apply this license to an entire account or an individual user.

1. Go to the Accounts section of the admin interface and select an account.

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2. Select the Licenses tab.
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3. Click Add Licenses under the Single title licenses heading, and select Chapter level licenses.

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4. Select the report you wish to add the license(s) for, using the search and/or filters if required.

5. Click Continue.
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6. Select the chapter (or chapters) you wish to license.

7. Click Continue.
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8. Some chapters contain data products. You can select if you wish to include it in the license.

9. Below that, you can select the user(s) you’d like the license to apply to by using the tick boxes. This defaults to all users within the account, so if you wish to select individual users please bear this in mind.

10. Set restrictions for the license including: start and end dates and news email subscription preferences.

11. Click Add license.
12. The license has been added to the user. In addition, you can choose to send them a confirmation email. Simply click the Email Confirmation button. Click the user you wish to send the email to (hold the CTRL key for several users). You can also BCC an email address in.