Creating & Managing Licenses

Add a Category-wide Level License

Add a category-wide level license to an entire account or an individual user following these simple methods. 

How to add a category-wide license

1. To add a category-wide license you will need to go into the Admin section and click on the Accounts tab.

2. Select an account and then click Licenses.

3. Select Add Category-Wide Licenses.

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4. Select Category type. This is really useful if you are wanting to license a hidden category. You can also search by title or code. Find out more about hidden categories

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5. Select the category you wish to license and select Continue.  

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6. You can now select which users within the account that you wish to license to the category. By default, it selects all users. If you want individual users, remember to click off.


🔔 Tip: 

  • You can add start and end dates of when this user can access reports within this category.
  • You can limit by publication date.
  • You can add a delay (in days) as to when the client can access the category.
  • You can specify the file attachments that are available to this license.
  • You can also define whether or not the license includes news email updates.


7. Click Add License.

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