Creating & Managing Licenses

Add Individual Report Licenses

The Individual Report Licenses are used to grant a user (or users) access to a specific publication.

How to Configure  

1. Go to the Accounts section of the admin interface and select an account.

2. Select the Licenses tab.

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3. Click Add Licenses under the Single title licenses section and click Individual report licenses.

4. Select the report (or reports) you wish to add the license(s) for. You can use the search and/or filters if required.

Group 6 (9) 5. Once you have found the report(s) you require, select them using the tick boxes.

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6. Click Continue.

7. Select tick boxes for the user(s) you’d like the license to apply to. This selects all users within that account by default. If you wish to choose specific users, please bear this in mind.

8. Set restrictions for the license including:

  • Start and end dates - Choose what time period you want the user to have access to the report(s). It can be left blank if not required.
  • File type download permissions - Limit what format the user can download the report. It can be left blank.
  • News email subscription preference - If your report is a news report that is continually updated, you can sign the user up to automatic update emails.

9. Click Add license.

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