Creating & Managing Licenses

Global/Account/User Preferences

The Global Preferences page gives you control to make key changes to your platform at a global, account or user level

Amending Preferences

1. To amend global or account-wide default preferences, go to the Accounts section of the admin interface and select Global Preferences.

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2. Then:

  • For global changes, click the 'Edit' icon in the Global default column for the preference you'd like to amend.
  • For account-wide changes, click the 'Edit' icon in the Account default column for the preference you'd like to amend.
  • For user-specific changes, select a user from the drop-down menu and then click the 'Edit' icon in the User specific column for the preference you'd like to amend.

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3. You can amend the following preferences:


  • Auto Generate Report Codes If enabled, report codes will be automatically generated. 
  • Can impersonate other users - When single sign on is used, this allows non-client admins to other users via a link generated through the APIs.


  • Custom header left - HTML to render in the left portion of the site header area
  • Custom header right - HTML to render in the right portion of the site header area
  • Custom header tab indent - Left indent of main tabs
  • Custom HTML in banner - HTML to render in the banner area below the navigation links
  • Set a custom homepage banner - Set up a static homepage banner

Home Page

  • Home page extra tab content - Optional HTML for homepage
  • Home page extra tab title - The title of the extra tab
  • Home page news widget source report code - Specifies which news feed reports should be displayed in the home page widget


  • Chart color set - Defines the colours graphs will be drawn within Dataviewer
  • Enable allow sharing - This preference may be used to allow sharing information between users
  • Enable send briefing via email - Adds 'Send this briefing to someone' button to the bottom of the briefing page.
  • Enable posting of notes - Choose whether to allow users to post notes
  • Enabled report export file types - Specify the types of exported files that the user may generate when downloading content from the site. This preference may be used to manage the DRM rights
  • Hide marketing pages - Whether users should see marketing pages for content they do  not own
  • Maximum user password age - The maximum allowed age of the users' password (in days), before the user will be prompted to change it.  Note this also applies to API users
  • Opt out of email alerts - Whether users should receive saved search email alerts
  • Popular searches - Define a list of search terms that appear on the homepage
  • Product content usage tracking Prompts users to enter a chargeback code whenever they view or download product content
  • Tracking snippet - Insert code into the footer of each page

New feature previews

  • Preview displaying analysts in search results - Analysts will be displayed in search results as links. Clicking on these will trigger a filtered search to find other products authored by the analyst.