Creating & Managing Licenses

Licensing Dataviewer Content

How to add Dataviewer content as an individual license

Licensing Dataviewer content allows users to interact with the entire dataset. Additionally, if you embed Dataviewer charts/exhibits into interactive word content, it allows the user to interact with the chart/exhibit within the report.

🔔 Providing a license to the interactive content alone does not give the user a license to the Dataviewer content. Due to this, they will not be able to interact with the Dataviewer chart or exhibit. 

It is possible to add a license to Dataviewer content as a category wide license or as an individual license as below: 

Adding a License to Data Views

1. From the Admin interface select Accounts.

2. Select the account you wish to license the Dataviewer content for.

3. Select the Licenses Tab.

Group 3 (8)

4. Click the Add licenses button, located underneath the Single title licenses heading.

5. Select Individual report licenses from the drop-down list.

Group 4 (6)

6. Find and tick the checkbox of the report containing the required data view(s).

Group 5 (6)

7. Click Continue.

9. Select the users you would like the license to apply to.

10. Input a start/end date for the license, as required. If these sections are left blank, the license will apply as soon as it's created and will not expire.

11. Input a list of file types that you'd like the user(s) to be able to download as attachments.

12. Select the appropriate option for news emails from the drop-down menu.

13. Click Add License. The user will now be able to view the data view(s) contained within the report.

🔔 This will grant the user(s) access to all data exhibits which have been added to your selected report.