Remote Access

Assigning Remote Admin Access

What you need to know about remote access

Read this article to understand how to:

  • Allow remote access
  • Use remote access

Access to the admin interface is restricted by IP address for security reasons. However, it is possible to enable remote access for a user allowing them to access the admin area from varying IP addresses. 

The user needs to have been set up as an admin user. Please click here to find out how to do this. 

You can add other users by following the steps below. This is only possible if you have admin access yourself:

1. Go to Admin > Accounts > Admin remote access.

Group 9 (7)

image 24 (1)

2. Using the inline actions you can add, edit and delete email addresses in the whitelist permitted to access the admin area from remote IP addresses.  

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User access

When the user is accessing via a remote IP address for the first time, they will receive a message. The user needs to click Obtain code. Once clicked, they will be sent an email with the code. 


Once entered, the user will be able to access the admin area.