Publishing Workflow

Uploading Attachments and Print Copies

Discover the difference between Attachments and Print Copies and learn how to upload them to your system.

🔔 The file size limit for both Attachments and Print Copies is 100MB.

What is the difference between the two?

An Attachment is an addition to the main report and is indexed fully. This means it appears in search results. 

A Print Copy is a PDF copy of the report. It allows the end user to download as a PDF. 

Both Attachments and Print Copies can be found on the Content tab and on the right-hand side in the Navigate content panel.

Uploading Attachments

1. To add an Attachment, in the attachments area click the green upload button and drag the file you want to add into the upload area. Alternatively, you could click on the upload area to search for the document you want.

PDF and PowerPoint files are shown in the PDF Viewer by default and all other files are made available for users to download.

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🚨 Please note: Attachments that are larger than 10MB will not appear in search.


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Uploading Print Copies

1. For interactive reports, it is possible to upload Print Copies of the report that are downloadable instead of the automatically generated report downloads of the same file format. These can be added in the content tab of the admin page of a report and selecting 'Print copies' on the right-hand side.

2. To upload a print copy, click the green upload button and then either drag the file into the upload area or click the upload area to find the file you want to upload.

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