RSS Feeds

Adding Updates to a News Feed

Updates to news feeds can be made through manual updates and as an RSS feed

Read this article to understand how to add updates to a News Feed in the following ways:

  • Manual Updates
  • RSS Feeds

For information about creating a News Feed report see this article. 

Adding Manual Updates

1. To manually add news items, go to the Content tab.

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2. Make sure the News feeds option is selected in the right panel.

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3. Select Add News Feed Items

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4. Here, you can input all the information for your news item.

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  • Title (compulsory): This can be the headline of your latest post
  • Featured: If a user’s homepage tab is configured to show news feeds, setting an item as featured will show this here. If no items are selected as featured, all news items will show.

news feed 5

  • Date (compulsory): the platform will automatically populate the date and time stamp to match the current time but this can be manually changed using the date and time selector.

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  • Description: This field supports, text and images with some formatting. Images can be copied and pasted into the description. 

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5. It is also possible to add links to external sites or other news items within the report using the link icon.
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More information about this can be found here.


Further fields include:

  • Author: This can be the author of the news item. The author field will not show if not populated.
  • Link: This link will show as “Read more” below the description.
  • Source text: This can be used to accompany a source URL.                             
  • Source URL: This will be added behind a link saying “Source”.
  • Enclosure URL: This displays as a download link to the item. 
  • RSS Categories: This is automatically generated for RSS feeds (see below).
  • References: This should be sources referenced in the news item. This can include an external URL.


6. Add your info and click Save.  Group 16 (1)-1


🔔 From the content tab, you can edit or delete a news item at any time.

Adding an RSS Feed

1. From a report's summary page, select Related Actions on the top right of the screen > Edit RSS Imports.

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2. Here, you can input all the info for your feed:

  • Title: This will be visible for admin users only, used to distinguish different feeds in the same report. 
  • URL: This should be an RSS feed URL. 
  • Default Category: Any news items without a category (applied by the RSS feed) will be assigned to this category. RSS categories are available for users to filter news items when reading the feed.

news feed 10

  • Transform: This is used to convert the information in your RSS feed to a format the site can display. It is automatically generated but editable for admins with knowledge of xml to xls transforms.

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3. Finally, click Add new.

🚨 Please note: Any updates to entries do not get pulled through and updated in the feed once they have been added. You will need to delete and re-add the entry.