RSS Feeds

Creating a News Feed

Use News Feeds to provide regular bulletins on a topic and keep users up to date with the latest research.

Read this article to learn how to:

  • Create a news report
  • Add content to a news feed

This tool allows news items to be added to a product manually or imported via an RSS feed. Publishers then have the option to send email alerts to any users subscribed to the news.


1) To create a news report, first, go through the usual steps to add a new report. Instructions for this can be found here.  

2) On the report summary page, change the News mode to News Feeds.

News Chapter title field will appear. You can populate this, or leave it blank. The default title is 'News'. 


It will appear on the left-hand side underneath the Report details.


4) If a report will be made up of a news feed only, the report Type should be set to News Feed as well.


This will show the news feed as the main content of the report.


Adding Content to a News Feed

Items can be added to a News feed manually or via an external RSS feed. More information on this can be found here