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Sending News to Users

It is possible to send notifications to users containing the latest updates

As new items are added to a news feed, it is possible to send notifications to users containing the latest updates. For information about creating a news report see this article.

Before you can send out notifications to users about news updates, you first need to ensure they have a license to the content.  Guidance on adding a license can be found here.

Sending News to Users

1. It is possible to subscribe a user to updates for a news prodcuct when adding a license to the report, by selecting Yes (automatic subscription) in the Email Updates field.

Alternatively, it is possible to edit news subscriptions from the report summary page (via Admin > Content > Reports > Select a report). 

Sending News to Users - 1

2. From here, go to Related Actions > Edit subscriptions.

Sending News to Users - 2

3. From here you can:

  • View subscribed users and unsubscribe them using the Show Subscribed Users tab. 

Sending News to Users - 3

  • Add licensed users to the subscriber list using the Show Unsubscribed Licensed Users tab

Sending News to Users - 4

  •   Send Emails to users using the Send Email tab.

Sending News to Users - 5


4. When sending news emails, it is possible to select:

  • The most recent news item by checking Latest news item only


  • Items from a given date range by checking Select from dates

5. Finally, select Send to subscribed users.

Sending News to Users - 6