How to Bulk Import Analysts

It is now possible to bulk import analysts quickly and easily

Bulk Import Analysts

1. Head to the Admin area > Content > Analysts.

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2. Click Related actions > Bulk import.

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3. To get started, you can download the Excel template provided.

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4. You will need to upload an XLS, XLSX or CSV file, with the following structure (to match the template):

  • Forename and Surname - The name of the analyst.
  • Job title - Optional. The analysts displayed job title.
  • Sector - Optional. The analysts displayed sector.
  • Biography - Optional. The analysts biography.

🔔 PLEASE NOTE: This tool is for uploading new analysts only - please ensure no duplicates exist.

5. Once you have filled in and formatted this information, click Choose file and click Import.

6. The system will allow you to review and edit the data and will inform you of any issues by displaying this icon: 

How to Bulk Import Analytics - 3-1

7. To resolve this select the edit icon and make your corrections.

8. Then select Save and complete the import.