User Registration

Add a Marketing Opt in Option on the Registration Page

You can add a marketing opt-in checkbox on the registration page.

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To get this set up, you will need to raise a ticket with us on the Help Desk with the text you wish to include.  We can include basic HTML in this text, such as bold text and links. We will show an example of what it will look like for your approval, before applying it to your live site. 

Receiving Opt-in Notifications

When a user registers, there are two ways the information can be sent. This can be sent in an email or a message sent by RabbitMQ - if you have this set up. Find out more about RabbitMQ in the HTTP API and Integration Documentation. This can be found on the homepage of the Admin area.

With regards to emails, this can be viewed and modified in the Email Templates section.

View and modify email templates

1. To do this, head to Admin > Accounts > Show More > Email Templates.

2. Scroll down to Admin emails and the Registration notification to admin. It will inform you if it is Default or Customized.

3. The Default template will include the <OPTEDINTOMARKETING/> email field, but if you have a customized template it is not automatically added.

4. To modify this, just hover over it and click the pen edit icon. Update the template and then select Save and close