SlideViewer Overview

SlideViewer allows users to engage further with PDF and PowerPoint content, helping customers find and utilize key information with ease. 

What does SlideViewer do?

This functionality allows users to:

  • Navigate through report pages on a landscape viewing pane.
  • Filter the report to locate and view slides containing Tables or Figures.
  • Easily download and utilise specific content in both Excel and PowerPoint.

Reading content in SlideViewer

SlideViewer features a larger viewing pane to better showcase landscape content.

Sv 1

The panel on the left displays large thumbnails which include clear page numbers allowing for easy navigation across the entire report.

Filters in SlideViewer

To filter to find pages that contain figures, select the Figures or Tables option from the panel on the left.

Sv 2

The numbers beside each filter indicate how many pages contain this specific type of content.

Users can navigate through the pages using the arrows in the content area.

Sv 3

Searching in SlideViewer

Users can combine filters with the search function within a report to uncover specific information.

Sv 4

The numbers beside each filter indicate how many pages contain this specific type of content and the search term.

Sv 5] 

Matches are highlighted in an excerpt over thumbnails as well as on the page itself.

Sv 6

Users can easily toggle between filtering the full report or pages that contain their search term using the Only show matching pages checkbox.

Sv 7

When there are no results that match the search and filtering criteria the user can return the whole report by clicking on the View all pages link.

Sv 8

Downloads in SlideViewer

A generated PDF of the report is available on the landing page in Interactive SlideViewer for users to quickly obtain a full report.

Sv 9

Add page to clippings

On the top right of the content area users have the option to Add page to clippings to reuse and quickly create their own bespoke reports using clipped content.

Sv 10

For further information on how to use Clippings please follow this link

The icon will change to indicate when a full page has been added to clippings.

Sv 11

PowerPoint downloads

On the top right of the content area users have the option to quickly Download page to PowerPoint.  

Sv 12This provides the user with a fully interactive PowerPoint file containing the selected page and a copyright notice slide.

 Sv 13

Excel downloads

On the top right of the content area for a page which contains a table or chart, users have the option to Download data to Excel.

Sv 14

This provides an Excel file containing any tables and the data behind any chart on the selected page, empowering the user to perform their own analysis using report content.

Sv 15

The following chart types are supported in this tool:

  • Column
  • Line
  • Pie
  • Clustered Bar
  • Area
  • Radar

Drag-and-drop actions for selections

Dragging and dropping to create a selection on a page will provide the user the following options:

  • Add selection to clippings
  • Download selection to PowerPoint
  • Add notes to selection

Sv 16

Add selection to clippings

Clicking on Add selection to clippings allows the user to save into my clippings library.

Sv 17

Download selection to PowerPoint

Clicking on Download selection to PowerPoint allows the user to extract the content.

Sv 18

Add notes to selection

Clicking on Add a note allows the user to annotate the content, which, depending on configuration can be private notes or shared with others in the same account.

Previous notes for the same selection will be shown in a thread underneath the notes box.

For more information on our Notes feature please follow this link

Sv 19

When a note has been added an indicator will be shown to the user next to the content area, which will expand the notes pop-up when clicked.

Sv 20

Search results carousel

When performing a search through the Research tab, matching Interactive PowerPoint reports will now display a carousel to allow the users to quickly scroll through the pages which contain the search term.

This allows for a more efficient search experience as the thumbnail for the page is larger and provides more context.

Sv 21

For further information on search configuration options, please follow this link

Selecting the pages in the carousel using the page checkbox allows the user to view the selection in our custom report viewer or save the selection for later use.

Sv 22

To find out more about Custom Reports Created from Search Results, please follow this link

Clicking on a page in the carousel will take the user into SlideViewer with that page selected and the search term applied.

Sv 23

So in summary, with the new SlideViewer, your users can intuitively and quickly interact with content published in PowerPoint or PDF as they would with interactive Word content. This, in turn, will make it easier for your analysts to create bespoke reports for your end users to consume. 

Once the SlideViewer is enabled, all of the features outlined above will be available for any reports created by uploading a PowerPoint. 

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