Prevent Full Downloads

Prevent Full Download

Users can now be prevented from downloading full length reports using our new Prevent Full Download feature.

Users are still able to easily clip and download specific content, such as tables, figures and individual chapters and pages related to their projects, but never the report in its entirety. Your content therefore remains interactive and open but not exposed to misuse, such as through the sharing of reports with unauthorised users.

🔔 Note: This option is configurable at both an account and individual user level and can be applied to reports published in InteractiveSlideViewer and PDF formats.

Activating the Prevent Full Download feature

  1. As with most of our available preferences, the Prevent Full Download can be set on a global level or for a specific account or a specific user.

    To set the preference site-wide or for an account or for a user you can use Global Preferences.

    Alternatively, head to Admin > Accounts. Once in the Accounts tab, you can then select the account or user you want to prevent from downloading full reports.


  2. Once you have selected the desired user/account click the Preferences tab.


  3. Under the Preferences tab is a new group called Download Options.


  4. Enter this group and click the Prevent Full Download field. A pop-up box will appear on the screen once this is clicked – simply click Save when this appears.


  5. You can optionally test a user that has this preference as detailed here: Testing a User

  6. You will see that the platform is still navigated as before. However, when clicking on an Interactive, SlideViewer or PDF document the Report Downloads section will no longer appear on the report landing page (as shown in the below screenshots). Instead, download options for individual sections, chapters, tables and figures are available to users. These can be selected once the user has started reading their chosen report.