Power BI

Adding a PowerBI Report

Power BI is a powerful data visualisation tool that is fully integrated into the Content Catalyst platform

Read this article to understand how to:

  • Deliver interactive, innovative data visualisation content to your subscribers
  • Keep your market analysis content in line with consumer expectations

It is easy to pull through data and analysis from PowerBI into your Content Catalyst system.

To publish a "public" PowerBI report or dashboard, you can do this in the same way as other content not hosted on your Content Catalyst site via our plugin products feature See Below.

Adding Via Plugin Products   

Before Adding a new PowerBI report via this method ensure that your workspace has previously been configured by our Team as the PowerBI plugin will only work within one workspace.

From the Admin area, navigate to Content < Reports, then click on Add new report. You will see Add new plugin view. 

image 38 (3)

You will have to enter the report code and choose the relevant plugin to upload the content from. 

image 39 (1)

After entering the report code and choosing the plugin, you will be directed to a screen requiring the metadata of the new report (the title, keywords, marketing description, etc.). As with any other report, this information can be edited later. 

Within the content tab of the report, you will be able to enter the report details from PowerBI. 

In the plugin Content editor, the 'workspaceID' field will be automatically populated from the configuration previously set up by the Content Catalyst Team.

The 'reportID' field should be added see the example below.

The PowerBI content will then be ready.   

After the content has been created, you will be able to have a Fullscreen view, add descriptions, attachments, categorisation, and report links; enhancing the end-user experience as per the example below. 

image 10 (5)

However publishing a "private" PowerBI report or dashboard would result in the end user being prompted to authenticate, requiring them to log in with a Microsoft account, have suitable access to the correct PowerBI tenant, and would require them to have a PowerBI Pro license.


🔔 As a paid-for upgrade to your contract, Content Catalyst supports embedding "private" PowerBI reports or dashboards, authenticating with PowerBI on the user's behalf.  There is no requirement for the end user to have a Microsoft account or any sort of PowerBI license.

Embedding a "private" PowerBI report

To do this, you will need to create reports in PowerBI but your users will conveniently be able to access your content through the Content Catalyst platform.