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Configuring your Site Domain

Deciding on your site's domain is one of the first steps to setting up your subscriber portal

The site’s domain (URL) can be anything you like. We provide a free subdomain ( However, this is not really suitable to be used in a production environment.

Typically companies use subdomains of domains they already own e.g. or purchase a new domain exclusively, e.g.

🔔 Once you have determined or purchased your domain or subdomain and this domain or subdomain is used exclusively for the platform, you set a CNAME record to point to DNS-{tenantCode}, where {tenantCode} is a number that we provide to you.

If you can't do this yourself, seek out technical assistance to set the CNAME record.

We will then be able to make the final configuration steps.

Content Catalyst can manage and renew SSL certificates automatically on your behalf and at no cost to you. For this to be possible, we do however require a DNS addition (in order for the process to verify domain ownership). 

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