User Registration

Sending Bulk Welcome Emails

The Bulk welcome email feature is a great way to greet all newly registered/created users to the website with their login details.

Setting Up Bulk Welcome Email Send

1. The option can be found via Admin > Accounts > Related Actions > Mass Welcome Email.  

image 15-2

2. Simply select the Accounts you want to send the email to and select Send. You can choose to select all accounts on every page by clicking the checkbox at the top next to the company name.


3. Once you've clicked Send, you'll be prompted to confirm if you wish to send the email to the list. If so, click Confirm.

bulk 2


4. You can also choose to select Download recipients before clicking Send. This will provide the list of users who will receive the email.

bulk 3

🔔 All users in the selected accounts (except those whose status is set as disabled, or have a shared username) will be sent a Welcome email.

5. The email welcomes users to the system and provides the end user with a temporary password for logging in to the site for the first time. Users are prompted to change their passwords after using the login details from the email. The content of this email can be reviewed and edited via Admin > Accounts > Show more > Email Templates > Mass welcome email.