Video Content

Vimeo Video Integration

The Content Catalyst Vimeo integration allows you to embed videos alongside other commentary and analysis.

🔔 Note: to publish videos a Vimeo account is required.

You can manage your video's privacy settings, such as limiting the domains in which a video can be embedded, as described in the Vimeo help centre here.

Vimeo files appear as a figure in your reports and can be added to a user's clipboard. The video's thumbnails are included in exports.  You can add a note, zoom to a full-size view, and use the "Ask an Analyst" feature just as you would with other figures.

The video title, notes, and source are all indexed and searchable as with any other figure.

vimeo 1


Videos are embedded into a report using the report editor and choosing the Embed Plugins > Vimeo option.

vimeo 2


The video link to use can be found on the Vimeo site, either in the URL:

vimeo 3


Or via the share option:

vimeo 4


Copy and paste this information into the Video link box:

vimeo 5


You get a preview of the video you are about to embed.  Here you can also populate the Title, Notes, and Source fields.

Finally, click Save to embed the video.