Video Content

Adding a Video Within an External Report

Integrating a video hosted externally with your Content Catalyst site is possible. We support public and private videos.

Adding a Public or Unlisted Video

1. You will need to set up an external report. Steps on how to do this can be found here.  

2. Once you have created your external report, head to the External Report Settings in the related actions menu on the report page.

3. Your video should have an embed code, the location of this will vary from video provider to video provider. For example, with youtube videos, you can select "share" and then "embed".  Find and copy the "src" for the video:

video 1


4. This link will need to be added to the Actual Login Link URL field.

5. Set the Request Type to "GET"

6. Chose an option from the Automatic Form Submission dropdown.

7. Click Save changes.

video 2

Adding a Password Protected Video

To add a password-protected video, you need to follow the instructions above but there are a few additional steps.

1. If you require to have a password protect embed, the form submission option to use would be 'Manual (iFrame in lightbox)'. You can add the password by heading to the Parameters section. 

2. Click Add new parameter.

3. In the Name field type 'Password' and enter the password in the Value field. 

4. Tick the box to make it visible and click 3


5. When viewing the report it will show licensed users the password, so when they click Access they will be able to enter the password.

🔔  You can seamlessly embed video files into your reports using the Content Catalyst Vimeo integration. More information here.