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How to Format Word Documents for Import

Create interactive reports by importing word documents using the correct styles. This article outlines how to create these styles.

It is important to format your reports using Word styles to ensure your platform will recognize your text. Doing this will allow you to choose how the system 'maps' certain styles in the document for online content styles.

What are Word Styles and how do I use them?

In Word, different paragraphs can have their visual presentation styled in specific ways. There are different styles set up for different elements within the report.

Styles are controlled by the "Styles" panel in the top right of your Word window. (You can expand the ribbon to see them all). 

formatting word documents for import_fig1

Styles Template

We have a template example available containing styles and advice for document import. It can be found at the bottom of this article, or on the content upload page of your site.

It's really important you use the template as a guide to get you started. 

formatting word documents for import_fig2

The below images show what the different style options look like.

Formatting word documents for import _fig3

formatting word documents for import_fig4


formatting word documents for import_fig5

More detail can be found in the attached documentation. 

What's Next?

When you've formatted your template and are ready to upload a document, you can decide how Word styles are mapped to system styles. More information about this can be found here.

Key templates: