Content Formats: The Basics

The Content Catalyst platform is compatible with a range of content formats

Content Catalyst support seven different types of content. This is a quick introduction to each type.

  • Interactive Reports
  • PDF Viewer and PowerPoint Viewer
  • Briefings
  • Data Products - DataViewer and Power BI
  • News Feeds
  • Download Only Reports
  • Video

Interactive Reports

Source - MS Word (doc/docx)

🔔 NOTE: it is possible to use other formats (e.g PDF) provided they go through Word as an intermediate stage in the upload process.


content 1

content 2


  • In-report searching
  • Copy to clippings function – for later reading, sharing, or to allow users to build bespoke reports of their own from multiple sources
  • Download to Microsoft Office and PDF 
  • Easy translation to nine different languages
  • Interactive table of contents
  • Facility to filter content to only show charts or tables
  • Facility to embed interactive charts and tables
  • Compare option to view two sections side-by-side

Find out how to set up an Interactive Report


Source - MS Word (doc, docx)

content 3


  • Briefings are summary reports, often just a single page, to provide deeper insight and analysis that is available through a news report
  • Delivered the same way as interactive reports
  • They can support multiple content formats; however, they have no landing page or content summary.
  • Email friendly - can be sent as a one pager.
  • Supports instant access links.

Find out how to create a Briefing

PDF Viewer and PowerPoint Viewer Reports

Source - PDF and PowerPoint


content 4

content 5



  • In-report searches
  • Quick and easy upload process
  • Easy navigation between pages via the side bar
  • Full screen mode
  • Users can add pages or selected snippets to clippings
  • Download pages to PowerPoint 
  • Previews of pages with matching terms on search page

Find out how to set up a PDF Report 

Find out how to set up a PowerPoint Report

DataViewer Products 

Source - MS Excel (flat data)


content 6

content 7



  • Filtering functionality
  • Pivot functionality
  • Bar, Line and Pie charts
  • Add to clippings
  • Save to My Library
  • Export to Excel

Find out how to set-up a Dataviewer Product

Power BI Products

It is easy to pull through data and analysis from PowerBI into your Content Catalyst system.

To publish a "public" PowerBI report or dashboard, you can do this in the same way as other content not hosted on your Content Catalyst site via our External Report feature, using the parameters supplied in the share link. 


Find out how to create a Power BI exhibit here

News Feeds

Source - RSS or Manual input


content 8

content 9


  • Category-specific feeds can be set-up
  • Subscribers can be emailed site updates

Find out how to set-up a News Feed

Download-only Reports

Source - MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF


content 10

content 11


  • Ease of distribution
  • Information presented in a widely used, familiar format
  • No need to re-train content team on new formats/templates

Find out how to set-up a Download-only Report


The Content Catalyst Vimeo integration allows you to embed videos alongside other commentary and analysis.

Find out to embed Vimeo content into your reports.

Report with vimeo